A Home Run with Fans


Baseball may be America’s pastime, but that doesn't mean it cannot change with the times. Modern day fans expect an outstanding overall experience when attending a professional sporting event. The Cleveland Indians have led the charge among MLB teams to improve the fan experience by also enhancing their off the field product, namely the ballpark. Following other successful renovations including the Home Run Porch and the Corner Bar, which were designed for all fans, the team wanted to explore doing something special for Season Ticket Holders. Thus, the idea for the Home Plate Club was born.

Accessible by the Diamond Box and Field Box Front Season Ticket Holders, the Home Plate Club is located on the ballpark's main level behind home plate and provides great views of the action on the field.

The club includes a full bar, access to a variety of new concession options, and a glass front for prime viewing. The club remains open after games to offer those Season Ticket Holders with access an option to let traffic clear after high-demand games.

Ideas in Focus conducted focus groups to help the Indians understand optimal design aesthetic, seating options, live and televised viewing needs, and food preferences for the Home Plate Club, as well as overall Season Ticket Holder interest in using the space.

Evan Prose, Brand Analyst for the Indians, said: “Ideas in Focus did a great job helping us understand what our Season Ticket Holders (some of our most valued fans) really wanted out of the Home Plate Club concept. Jeff and Sandy are always a pleasure to work with, and this project was no exception!”